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Bride smiling while walking with groom in Melbourne City
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your day

the perfect music score


Choosing the right music for your wedding is like picking the perfect score for a movie.

Just as a film’s soundtrack can transform a scene, evoking powerful emotions and creating lasting impressions, the music at your wedding sets the tone for each moment.

The right music enhances your special moments, turning them into cherished memories that you and your guests will hold dear forever.


    For me it is that moment when you take that first step down the aisle and see your partner standing there, waiting for you. I wish I could freeze that moment in time! 


    That's why it's so important to pair it with the right music—A song that holds meaning for both of you, that tells your story. and I will tell it in a unique way and with all of my heart while you walk down that aisle, bringing emotion and giving that special song a new sound, a new meaning, creating a special memory for both of you.


    I like to describe my style as lovely, fresh and easy to listen. I love creating my own versions of songs and singing with my heart.

    I am super chilled, zero overpowering and I know how to read the room to create the perfect balance for guests to enjoy the music while still being able to have conversations.

    I will sing while your guests arriving setting the perfect atmosphere then when you walk down the aisle, sign and at the end of your ceremony. 

    Female Melbourne singer singing at wedding ceremony at Rupert on Rupert
    Emotional groom getting married at Siglo in Melbourne

    Music during your reception ties everything together. I'll collaborate with your venue and suppliers to create a perfect, worry-free day so you can relax and have fun!

    We’ll start by setting the right atmosphere to welcome your guests, tailored to match you as a couple.


    From your bridal party entrance (if you're having one haha) to key moments throughout the night, including your first dance! I'll guide you through the process, ensuring the right music at the right times for a smooth, seamless celebration without any awkward silences but the perfect background for each moment.


    I will make sure to enhance each moment with my music.​


    Choose between live music, a DJ, or even a mix of both! I’ll ensure the perfect balance for each moment and formality.

    Live music and a DJ together make the best combination! Did you know that I’ll not only DJ for your dance floor but also throughout the reception? For your bridal party entrance, you can choose a different song for each couple, and I'll cue the perfect parts, like the chorus or a special phrase, ensuring there are no long intros—just the perfect timing for when each couple enters the room.

    For live music, you can either select songs from my list or leave it up to me. I can tailor my music to any moment, from soft and mellow to upbeat and fun. I’ll read the room, listen to your expectations, and deliver the perfect sound.

    Even when I’m moving equipment or taking a short break, I’ll play a perfectly curated playlist or DJ mix to keep the atmosphere just right.

    Bridal party entrance at Siglo in Melbourne
    Bride smiling alongside her groom at Price Deck in Melbourne

    We need a dedicated section for the dance floor! It’s the part of the night where you can relax the most, celebrate, mingle with your guests, take fun photos, and just have a blast!

    Setting the vibe for the dance floor is crucial. Guests should feel excited and maybe even have had a few drinks beforehand, haha.

    That’s why building up to it is so important, not just with the music but also through communication. I love engaging with guests throughout the day, asking questions, and encouraging them to join you on the dance floor!

    Your first dance is the perfect dance floor starter! Additionally, having an early dance break can be an incredible way to set the mood and let your guests know what’s to come!


    You’ve probably seen throughout my website how much I specialise in DJing modern tunes, house vibes, top 40, R&B, and disco! These genres are favourites among my couples and their friends, creating an energetic atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

    In addition to these, sing-alongs and classics are a big hit! They add a fun and nostalgic touch to the evening, encouraging everyone to join in sing along and dance. While I can sprinkle in pub-rock and cliché sets occasionally, my focus is on delivering a fresh and engaging playlist that keeps the dance floor alive.

    To ensure your wedding music is personalised to perfection, I’ll invite you to share your favorite dance tracks or suggest songs you think your guests will love. 

    With my live-mixed dance floor set, I’ll be tuned into the vibe of your event, ready to take requests from your guests on the spot (with your approval, of course!).

    Couple dancing at their reception with guests around them
    Bride and groom on the dance floor
Same sex wedding in Geelong
Bride dancing with groom at their wedding at Rupert on Rupert
Hug between bride and groom on the dance floor
Ring exchange during wedding ceremony
Bride with her daughters
First dance at Rupert on Rupert

with a

one of a kind soundtrack


unique and easy to listen acoustic covers your guests will truly enjoy while catching up

transitioning with

modern & cool tunes that will get your guests up and dancing!

not only

incredible music, bur also gorgeous and unique aesthetics

it will feel

chilled, not too traditional, tailored and yours!
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Public gigs?

The booking process

Get in touch by filling our my enquiry form


Receive an email with a link to your proposal/quote


Choose the right package for you and click "accept" under your proposal


Secure your booking with a $500 deposit


Tick music off your wedding planning and get ready to have the day/night of your life!

Beautiful Melbourne bride and her veil by Finders Seeker Photography
  • I am all in! How do I accept your quote?
    I am so excited to be a part of your day! Go back to your proposal email and click the provided link. Select your preferred package and any add-ons you'd like. Scroll down and click "accept." Sign your contract. Payment instructions will be displayed after signing your contract. Make your $500 deposit payment. Receive a pre-confirmation email. Once your deposit is received, I'll send you an email to let you know your booking is 100% locked in. In this same email, you'll receive a detailed timeline from me, outlining what's next, our upcoming steps, and how I'll ensure everything is perfectly prepared for your big day. I can't wait to start this journey with you!
  • How much will the music cost for my wedding?
    You can find detailed information about my pricing and packages for live music and DJ services right on my website. Simply go to the menu, under "Weddings," and click on "Investment" to see all my wedding packages and pricing. By having everything clearly laid out, you can easily choose the package that fits your needs and budget, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable planning process. Feel free to explore the options and find the perfect fit for your special day. Ready to find the perfect music package for your wedding? Click here
  • We have a special song that we would love for you to learn for us, is this possible?
    Absolutely! Most of my wedding packages that include live music come with one song request included. If there's a song you truly love, let me know before you book me to ensure I can perform it for you. I'm open to almost any song you have in mind—just send me a link to it, and I'll confirm if it's something I can confidently perform. I'm also happy to learn additional songs that are not in my list ($150 each). To ensure I can give your song the attention it deserves, please allow at least 5 weeks' notice for any requests.
  • Can we have a unique order for the formalities?
    100% yes, and I'll be there to tailor the music around your run sheet, ensuring everything flows perfectly.
  • Is it weird to have a mix of live music and Spotify during the ceremony?
    Not at all! Some couples prefer an original version to walk down the aisle and live music during the signing, while others love live music followed by Spotify for their recessional song to bring the vibes up. It's totally up to you and not disruptive or weird in any way. Also, I am happy to take care both live music and Spotify though my speakers and cue Spotify when needed.
  • Can I send you a list with song requests for the dance floor?
    I encourage you to send me your requests! Please send a must-play and no-play list as well. I'll incorporate most of your requests and add more to the mix. There's no limit to the number of songs you can send, but keep in mind that if there are too many, I might not be able to play them all.


Inspo For Your Day

Bride and groom kissing in Melbourne CBD
Grooms holding each other
Bride's bouquet and dress
Bride with microphone during reception at Greenfields in Albert Park

music to your ears?

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